House Model/doll House



every thing is measured by inches.

in the back yard you can add grass wood or even no back yard at all! We did grass as you can see and you can use any glue that you want: wood glue,elmers glue etc,etc.

if you want little accessories you can either make them your self, or go to Michaels the craft store they have a tiny section and that is where I bought some of my accessories.

Dot be afraid to build what you want to!


1:you will need 2 "20 by "6" pieces of wood.

2: you will need 2 "14" by "8" withe a point of 12. (if you are confuzd look at the first photo with the 14 in the middle! will 24 by 24 piece of wood as the ground. ( this includes front yard and backyard) now you can add the pieces of wood to gather! if you are confused look at the pictures.

4. if you want a roof use 2 20 by 12 pieces of wood. we did not make a roof for our project because autumn did not want to.

5. we did do rooms but you can do any size that you want, and you can make any additional accessories for your house.

Step 1: Building the House

We do not recommend hot glue it did not work for us very well. but you can use wood glue for putting the pieces of wood together.

now you can draw out on a piece of wood/paper where you want to put your house model/doll house.

make sure that when you build the house you put the pieces of wood together matching the corners together.

(you can look at the pic if you are confused)

You can use any paint just not washable!



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    6 Discussions


    26 days ago

    good job it looks so good and looks like lots of fun


    26 days ago

    Your house is so cool and realistic and I think any tiny person would love living in it :p


    26 days ago

    That looks so cool. You guys were very creative doing this.


    26 days ago

    This is really good and a cool idea! :) Maybe just add a few more steps thats all :)