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Introduction: House Numbers Sign - Kids Project

About: I become interested in DIY when I had the opportunity as a teenager to build a racing bicycle from scratch. That was such a fun experience! Since then, I've built alot of fun stuff and now I get to create...

Jonah and I were taking the dog for a walk and we came across a house that had a numbers sign made out of rocks.  Jonah immediately said - let's do that for our house.  So we started collecting rocks and found a drawing board in the garage that we weren't using.  next, we obtained some help from his sister to clean and sort the rocks.  We then used my favorite Gorilla Glue (too much of it)to stick the rocks on the board and voila!  

maybe this is an etsy storefront idea.  Custom house signs made by kids!  no 2 are exactly alike...

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I love Gorilla Glue!

    I love how you exploit the little ones for fortune and fame! ahahha