Introduction: House-o-Lantern

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Our houses glow don't they? Put a face in the glass and light up the whole neighborhood. Carve everything for halloween!

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Step 1: Pick Windows, Measure and Cut.

Choose some prominent windows on your house, dorm or apartment. Measure the dimensions of the glass, then pull cardboard out of a nearby dumpster, and cut pieces of cardboard that will fit snug in the window frame.

Step 2: Design a Face.

Put a whole monster in a single window, or span a face across a series of 2 or more. We blocked out four windows on our turret, and drew a happy, haunted face to characterize our home. Sketch it out and stand back. Do you like it?

Step 3: Cut Out the Pieces.

Break out a box cutter and carefully slice out any eyes, ears, nose, or horns! Always cut on top of spare cardboard, plywood, ect...

Step 4: Pop the Face in Place

We climbed up the ladder and pushed in the cardboard panels. They have stayed up all month with friction alone! 

Remember when you do this, that viewers outside will see the reverse image, like a mirror!

Step 5: Night / Day

Turn down all of the other lights at night and leave those on that will illuminate the carving! How does it look?

Inspect during the day too. If the brown cardboard or colored poster that you used looks a little 'off' with the colors of your house, then you can paint it a matching color!

Happy Halloween!

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