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Introduction: Household Golf Hole

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I was inspired to do an instructable on golf from this instructable, and that I just really like golf. is my first Instructable so please let me know how it was from 1-10 (1 being a piece of whatever you want to call it, 10 being really good.)This is an easy tutorial to show you how to make a golf hole inside your house. You can use it many places, and create trick shot areas.( Be creative) This is also an instructable of how to make a smiley wearing a hat! ( plus : plus P = (:P Yay! Now that that's out of the way, let's go!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Note: Some Materials may be substituted, although it is highly unlikely that you will need to, because every house should have these common objects.

What you'll need:(Sorry, the picture is kind of blurry.)

An empty golf ball sleeve, or ruler, try construction paper ect.


5 sheets of paper

3 pens or pencils

a plastic or paper cup (Plastic is better)

a carpet


A fabric sample


Step 2: The First Step!!!

Take a piece of paper and fold it forwards about 1 and a half inches up from the bottom. (After the fold, bend it back so it's at a 90 degree angle.Also make sure the paper is going the way in the picture. Vertical)

Step 3: Stepp 2 (Yeah, I Spelled It With 2 "P"s, 'cause It's Step 2)

Take 2 sheets of paper and fold them an inch and a half from the bottom like the last step but make sure the paper is sideways, like the picture.Fold both of the sheets of paper the same.

Step 4: Steppp 3

Lay the sheets out on the ground in with the vertical paper in the middle, and the sideways ones on the outside.(Make sure that they are barely touching each other, but still touching.) Tape the sheets together on both sides, so that they don't bend at the connections. Also, tape the bottom 1 and a half inch parts together on both sides as well. Fold the outer corners backwards on each side so it's a diagonal fold. Look at the first slide's picture if you don't understand my wording. Tape The corners down.

Step 5: Stepppp 4

The paper is wobly, huh. Well quit cha whining because the solution is here!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:P
Take the pencils and tape them all together at the ends. Do not be skimpy on tape, because this also helps balance the weight and make it more sturdy. Take the pencil lightsaber or whatever you want to call it, and tape it to the back of those papers, but make sure the papers are flat when you do this. Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape

Step 6: Steppppp 5

Still woblSHUT UP!!!! Just kidding.

If you took the:

empty golf ball sleeve,disassemble so it's flat, then fold in half along fold that's already there.

ruler, do nothing. YAY!!!!!!

sheet of construction paper,then fold it verticle from the bottom 1 and a half inches until there's no more paper to fold up.

Wrap tape around the golf ball sleeve and the construction paper, if you chose one of those items. You don't have to use a whopping amount of tape, just enough so it stays that way. (I used the empty golf ball sleeve as shown in the picture. Sorry for another blurry picture,but you understand.)

Step 7: Stepppppp 6

Tape this (both sides) to the bottom rim on your cup, but make sure that it is well centered.If you didn't quite understand that bit, it should look like the picture from the side.

Step 8: Steppppppp 7

You're almost there!!! Tape the cup (ruler, ball sleeve, or construction paper on the bottom) to the bottom middle part of the long paper thing. Make sure it's secure. Nice rhyme, huh.

Step 9: Stepppppppp 8

Take another piece of paper and fold it in half, vertical wise. Cut along the line.

Step 10: Steppppppppp 9

Get ready for some folds. Follow the picture. If you still do not understand I will be glad to help you, as long as you leave a message on my acount, and tell me specifically what the problem is, instead of just saying, it's not working. Do the same for each half sheet. The picture represents one half sheet. Fold at all of the lines, but measure first.

Step 11: Stepppppppppp 10

Each one should look like this. Yes, the angles are relatively important.

Step 12: Steppppppppppp 11

Tape each one on like so. This is what it should look like so far. YOUR ALMOST DONE!!!!!

Step 13: Stepppppppppppp 12

This is the second to last step!!!!!!

Here's the flag you can tape shown where to on the very first picture. Just hit right click, copy image, and then open up microsoft word, appleworks, ect and hit right click, paste. Then print it. (So long ago.)
You could also create your own.

Step 14: How to Set It Uppppppppppppp.

Take the configuration and go to the carpet!!! Put the ruler, empty golf ball sleeve, or piece of construction paper under the carpet(and if you have one of those pads under your carpet, put it under that.) until you cant see it. You may need to bend it so it doesn't fall down, but it's all good. If your carpet has those stringy things on the end and it's in your way, just tuck it under. You can also move it to each side of the carpet for maximum mobility and so that you don't just hit every shot perfectly. If you were wondering, that paper thing that's taped to the cup is a backboard. You may need to make it bigger if you SUCK. Remember that fabric sample. Oh yeah I do now.(Another option is a cut piece of a rag.) You can use that for shots that start off the carpet, and you hit it on from wood, marble, ect. O.k. Now here's a demo showing it's purpose, and my skills.

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