Housewares Repair: Laundry Basket Grab Handle. I Made It at TechShop

    Oftentimes, we threw away housewares (old or relatively new) because a little portion broke off which make ithe housewares non-functional or cosmetically unsightly.  What if we could make parts that are as good as the original or even better?  If so, then we could save Mother Earth by not adding stuffs in our landfill unnecessarily.

    To use Autodesk Inventor and MakerBot 3D printer to create a replacement part of a laundry basket.

     This is relatively easy.  So it make it more worthwhile to save a large laundry basket by making replacement part.  All we need is to create the section and extrude it by 5 inches.  I added texture so that to make the surface more non-slippery. Done!  Ready to 3D print.

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