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Are you ready to live up to Back to the Future's expectations of 2015?

While we don't have Hover boards quite yet, you can still sport some awesome hover board-inspired nail art.

Bring 1985 and 2015 together with this awesome nail art design.

I was inspired by the shape of the board; it already looks like a long fingernail.

('Back to the Future' is property of Universal Pictures) (The Mattel logo is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.)

Step 1: Gather

Time to raid your nail polish bin for the following colors:

Hot Pink,


Neon Green,




Also, base coat and top coat, glitter (optional).

Red rhinestones.

Tools= small nail art brush, fingernail polish remover, lotion.

Step 2: Base Coat and First Color

Start with clean shaped nails and add a clear base coat. Let dry and add a layer of hot pink.

Step 3: Designs - Layer 1

Add white stripes, white circle on thumb.

Some of the stripes that are white will have another layer of green ontop. Unfortunately, neon green needs white behind it for it to show up

Step 4: Designs - Layer 2

Add green on white stripes that you want to end up being green.

Add small segments of yellow on a couple nails. On one nail, add two parellel stripes of yellow.

Add two parallel pink stripes on one nail with white outlines.

It is okay for these stripes to overlap but make sure the bottom layer is dry first.

Add a red star shape in your white circle.

Step 5: Add Rhinestones and Lettering

Which ever nail has the two parellel yellow stripes, will receive 6 tiny red rhinestones.

These would normally say "Hover Board" but I couldn't go that small. If you can, go for it, otherwise some little red rhinestones will glam it up.

I can barely write "MATTEL" in the little red star. Do the best you can. You can even just do six white dots to represent the lettering.

Bonus: color in the hot pink areas with a little glitter polish, just make sure not to cover up any designs.

Step 6: Clear Coat

Clean up edges with some fingernail polish remover. Let all colors dry and then apply a thick clear coat. Let dry and you're ready to show off your hover-board inspired nail art!

Step 7: Top Coat and Dry

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    totally gets a vote in the contest!



    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you!


    4 years ago

    that's super cool and I love the movie Back to the Future (all 3) , but i barely get away with using red and pink. My mom doesn't even like accent nails, she'd freak if I did that.

    Thyra rose
    Thyra rose

    4 years ago



    4 years ago

    i like this stuff