How to Change the World

Introduction: How to Change the World

How to change the world.

            I am a 25 year old entrepreneur with big dreams. I live in Evansville, Indiana. At the moment I am trying to open a Toasted Sub Shop called a Cheba Hut. I first ate at a Cheba Hut about four years ago in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and fell in love with the concept. It has always been in the back of my head to open one up back home. Recently my brother and I went on a road trip across the United States. We left Evansville went to Indianapolis to visit a friend for the night. Then the next day we headed to Maumee Ohio to visit another friend. After that we high tailed it to Badlands in South Dakota. Then we went to Yellowstone and camped for two nights. When we left there we headed to the Redwood National Park in Northern California. That was pretty awesome. We left there and headed south the San Francisco to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. After we accomplished that goal we headed east a little bit to check out the Sequoia trees. While there we saw the biggest tree in the world. His name is General Sherman. WOW! That was amazing. We got done with that and headed to Yosemite drove through that and headed to LA. Went to Long Beach and found out that is a really long beach, but anyways we left there and went to Vegas. We stayed in Vegas for two nights. My brother took a hundred dollar bill and threw it on the craps table and turned it into $350, so we got to stay in Vegas for free. That was pretty sweet. We were going to go check out the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon but I was not feeling well so we headed to Ft. Collins, Colorado where my cousin lives. We figured we would head there regroup, then head back home, and that’s what we did. We traveled 6500 miles in 16 days it was amazing.  But while we were in Ft. Collins I had to go back to the Cheba Hut and get a sub. This time was different. There was something about the experience that told me it was time to open one of these back home. There are only 14 of these sub shops currently running in the United States. The closest Cheba Hut to Evansville is located in Iowa. I am the first person east of the Mississippi thinking about doing this. At the moment my brother and I have become partners and are gathering up as much money between the two of us to put towards a small business loan. 
            Now I will tell you my plan. My current occupation is a Welder/Machinist/Fabricator/Electrician/Troubleshooter. I work for a company in Evansville called A&A Metal Products as a Machine Builder. (You can Google them and get their Bio) I am not going to quit my job and neither is my brother. One of my very good friends from high school is currently the manager of a Papa Johns on the north side of Evansville. He has been the manager for over a year now and is very good at it. He also has a lot of previous restaurant experience. My plan is to have him run my Cheba Hut. I also have a lot of other resources in the Evansville area. My family does construction, commercial and residential. So I am planning on using family to get the doors open. My goal is to open up shop on April 20, 2013 if not sooner. I have been in contact with Cheba Hut and they are very excited about getting across the Mississippi.  They told me “I could feel your enthusiasm during our conversation! I like it!” At the moment I am looking into what I have to do to serve beer and wine. Cheba Hut is the only sub shop that I have eaten at that serves beer and I love it. Now there are only 14 of these currently running in the United States. The closest one to Evansville is in Iowa (Not close at all).  When I got off the phone with them they told me they had just signed papers to open two more stores taking the total to 16. After talking to me they would like number 17 to be in Evansville. I am very excited about the whole deal and loving every minute of it. The Cheba Hut concept is all about the local community. They use as much local merchandise as they possibly can, and all of their waste is biodegradable. They are a very green franchise.  We have a couple local breweries in the Evansville area and I want to serve their beer. I also want to take the Cheba Hut concept to the next level by using the walls of my store to paint a picture of the future. The franchise agreement states that I must have a beach scene painted on the wall somewhere in my store. The reason is because of the founder Scott Jennings. Scott had left the Midwest because of his love for the beach. So the beach scene in all the stores is a tribute to the founder. I want my beach scene to be painted with wind turbines out in the ocean along with other forms of green power. Also I would like to show smart subdivisions, and other types of sustainable living. I want to use the Future By Design concept on all of my walls. Since their target market is the college scene I want to imprint the future in their heads while they are studying for their future. As a result when they get to positions of power they will make the right decisions and take the environment into consideration when the time comes.
            There is no doubt in my mind that this will work in the Evansville area. We have five colleges in this town. I am going to have to make my store a lot more subtle than the stores that are currently running out west, but I feel by making my focus on being green and sustainable, the local community will take in the Cheba Hut concept with open arms. I want my Evansville location to be the first of many. Cheba Hut is telling me that they would like these stores to be on every college campus in the United States. After hearing that I feel that we have a lot of work to do. I believe I will end it there. I appreciate you taking the time to consider my request and look forward to hearing back from you. With your help we can change the world together.
Daniel Harger
*Birthday: December 11, 1986
14600 Old State Road
Evansville, Indiana 47725
(812) 483-3757

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