How About Them Berries With Pearls

Introduction: How About Them Berries With Pearls

This How About Them Berries Smoothie is amazing. It's perfect for this Memorial Day while cooling off in the neighbors kiddie pool. Warning: your friends will become addicted and will be forever asking you to make this, so on the down side you will not actually get to sit in the kiddie pool but you will have exponentially more friends.

1/2 Cup Fresh Rasberries
1/2 Cup Fresh Blackberries
1 Cup Fresh Strawberries
Simple sugar (The homemade kind)
Tapioca pearls (any color)
2 Cups Ice

Blender (able to pulverize ice)
Pyrex mixing cup
Pot with lid
Measuring Cups

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Step 1: Simple Sugar

Making the simple sugar is easy.
Take 1 cup water and mix with 1 cup sugar, then microwave for 3 minutes in a pyrex mixing glass.
Remove from microwave and mix until grains of sugar are dissolved.
Then add another cup of sugar into the Pyrex glass and stir.
Microwave for another 3 minutes, remove and stir again.
Set this mixture aside to cool before using in the smoothie.

Step 2: Tapioca Pearls

Follow the directions that are on your package of tapioca pearls.
*Remember the pearls will enlarge so make sure your pot is large enough if you are making it for a party!

Our bag had us boil 2-1/2 cups of water for 1/4 of pearls.
Bring the water to a boil and carefully pour the pearls into the pot.
Stir slowly.
The pearls will become squishy (yes that is our technical term) and plump.
Turn the heat down to medium and put a lid on the pot for 5 minutes.
Remove the pearls from the water and put into a small bowl of ice water until you are ready to add them to your drink.
Now, if your pearls are hard they have either did not boil enough or they boiled for too long.

Step 3: Blend It!

Put the 1/2 cup of blackberries and 1/2 cup of raspberries into the blender with either a 1 cup or 4 large cut strawberries.
Blend the fruit together first on the lowest setting, pulp is good try not to completely puree it yet.
Add 2 cups of ice and the cup of simple sugar (cooled) and then blend again.

Step 4: It's All in the Presentation

The presentation of this drink will make your friends go, "Ooooooh!"

A clear glass, with a small stem works well.
Pour the cooled tapioca pearls into the bottom of the glass then add the smoothie on top almost to the top of the glass.
Use a tapioca straw (larger diameter than other straws) and garnish with a strawberry with toothpicks holding the blackberry and raspberry on top.
Chew, Munch, Shoot them out the straws or do whatever you'd like with the tapioca pearls....and
Enjoy your tasty treat!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Oh man, tapioca pearls in a smoothie is genius! That must taste amazing!