How Back Combing Can Amp Up Your Style in Minutes!




Introduction: How Back Combing Can Amp Up Your Style in Minutes!

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It's prom season, not to mention wedding season, and up-do's have been on my mind lately. What makes hair glamorous, beautiful and just plain look expensive? Luckily there are a few tricks that can amplify any up-do in just mere minutes and which do not require a ton of product or tools. The trick that I am going to share with you today is so simple, and so easy you'll want to add this to your morning routine!

Enter: Back Combing. This is also commonly referred to as teasing. With a little hairspray, this technique will work on all hair textures. That's right, all. On top of all that, it will last you through the night of your life!

The low pony. A quick, simple, no fuss, everyday look. I'll be using this look to show off just how much back combing can change your style and bring you from the girl-next-door to THE girl-next-door.

You'll need:

  1. Comb
  2. Hairspray - I love Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray

Let's begin!

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Step 1: Determine Where to Back Comb

For my style today, I want to create an every day look that can be worn to school or work and then carried over into an evening out and still look gorgeous.

When most people say they want to have more volume or that extra little bump, it's usually in the crown area. This is where I will be doing my back combing today.

Tip: If you're not sure where the crown area is: it's a diagonal line upwards and back from the chin. Think where royals wear their crowns!

Step 2: Prepping the First Section

This section is probably the trickiest to back comb, but fear not, a couple rounds at it and you'll be a pro!

Take a 1/2" section horizontally across the crown area. Hold that section vertically and lightly mist the underside of the section with some hairspray.

Step 3: Back Combing the First Section

Take your comb and insert the teeth into the hair from the underside and begin to push the hair down to the roots. You'll want to begin teasing closer to the ends of the hair and scrunch the hair up closer to the roots. For maximum volume, pack the hair down at the roots.

Tease 3-4 times and set this section aside.

Tip: to save yourself some extra work later don't let the teeth of the comb poke out through the section. We're still looking for a polished look!

Step 4: Prepping the Second Section

Now that we have the top and most visible section taken care of, we can dive into the our next section!

Take an 1" section directly under the previously teased section and mist the topside of the section with hairspray.

Step 5: Back Combing the Second Section

Take your comb and tease the top of this section 3-4 times as was done with the last section.

Tip: Now that we are on this section, it's ok to have the teeth of the comb poking through the section while teasing. Go for it!

Step 6: Creating That Polish

Now that the back combing is done, lay the back-combed sections in the crown area and take your comb and ever so gently, drag it across the top and sides of the hair to hide the back combing. Do this until all back combing on the sides and top are hidden.

Tip: Keep the teeth of the comb on the surface, try not to let the teeth get into all the back combing you did and just let the teeth graze over the surface.

Step 7: Complete the Style

Tie, pin, clip or braid your hair as you like! This is where you let your creativity shine! With a style as simple as the low pony, there is so much more va-va-voom with so little effort! Literally 5 more minutes to your morning routine and you can have fabulous hair all day and evening!

Thank you for following this instructable! I hope this has been enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

Final tip!: to take out the back combing, simply brush or comb your hair from ends up to the scalp!

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