How Can I Get My Gmail Password?

How to Recover Gmail Password? Get My Gmail Password, I Forgot My Gmail Password, I Forgot My Gmail Password no Secondary E-mail – no Phone.....

Step 1: Open Gmail Account

Hello! Millions of people use g-mail service of google. Sometimes you
might forget your gmail password due to the account confusion or forgetting the account itself or You might not open your account because of any other reasons. Firstly, click to gmail sign in

If you have such kind of problems, follow these steps:

Step 2: Steps to Follow

1) Than click on ‘I do not know my password’. You need to write your gmail adress or secondary mail address that you used while creating your account.

2)After you enter your email do not deal with “Enter the last password that you remember” just click on “i don’t know”.

3) You may demand a conforming code to your mobile phone either with sms or through calling. If so, click on text message and than continue.

4) Enter the six numbers that comes to your mobile to the empty box.

After entering the conforming code correctly, you will be lead to a page as in below. Here you will create a new password. First of all, clean the line and write there a password which is composed of numbers and letters and then write the same password into the both boxes. Do not have a Gmail account? Click to Create gmail account



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