How Could You Still Remember the Website of Something That You Posted on Facebook?

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Hello guys today I'm gonna show you how to remember the website/link of your old/new post on

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Step 1: Post Something You Would Like to Start

Step 2: Wait for the Comments to Show Up

Step 3: If You See Something That Was Related on Your Post, Click It

Step 4: See the Website/link of Your Post Below the Tabs

Step 5: Open "Notepad"

Step 6: Copy the Website/link of Your Post

Step 7: Paste the Website/link of Your Post on "Notepad"

Step 8: Save the File

Step 9: You Can Check Your Folder to Be Sure That You Saved It.

Step 10: Then We Are Done! Thanks and Enjoy!

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Oh and I'm so sorry about the comments I was a Filipino then. My real name is Geelyn but you could call me Araki on online.

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