How Create a Doghouse Below the Water Tank




Introduction: How Create a Doghouse Below the Water Tank

Whe your Dog is addict to heights, you must have to find how to pleased his or her desires.

The best place to do it is below the water tank.

In this instructables i will show you the way to do it.


Waterproof Roof.

2 Sheets of Wood.

PVC Tube.




A Dog or More

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Step 1: Prepare the Area

Make shure all is clean, fresh and dry xD

Step 2: Cut the Wood Sheets

Cut one sheet according to the ground's area size below the water tank.

And cut the other one in accordance to the size of one the sides, this will be the entrance to the doghouse.

Step 3: Creating the Entrance to the Doghouse

Draw a square that defines the entry area according to the size of your dog.

Graduate the corners like coordinate axes.

To obtain a perfect curve the secret is to draw a line from the first grade (half centimeter) of one axe to the last grade in the other axe.

The result has to look as the pictures.

Repeat this in every corner.

Make a hole in the inside of oval with the drill to insert the handsaw.

Put the handsaw in the hole and cut!

Sanding the edge of the wood, you do not want your pet is injured.

Step 4: Make a PVC Tube Base

Cut the pvc pipe to fit inside the house.

Then, with the aid of elbows and tees of pvc build a base.

This basis keeps your dog away from the cold and damp ground.

Step 5:

Paint with the Waterproof Roof the inside of the house, thus avoid getting wet in the rainy season.

Step 6: Buildign a Doghouse

Make a holes in the wood and int he base of Water tank.

Put inside the PVC base.

Then put the other wood sheet. 

Paint with the waterproof roof the insede of the lid which is the entrance. This is a good idea, it can be cleaned easily in the future.

Screw the lid to the base of the water tank.

Paint the outside of the lid.

Wait until dry.

Step 7: Stencil Style

To keep your pet live with style, apply some kind of adornment.

In this case apply a stencil, stencil making is the subject of another instructable.

That's it, I hope your pets enjoy.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, your dogs seem to really like it there!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You should use one of the "finished" photos in the last step as your intro photograph...