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DIY Modern Desktop Planter with low water plant, cut down on watering and maintenance by choosing the right plants.

Step 1: Cut Laminated Wood

Cut the laminated wood sheet to make 8 pieces of hexagonal shape size.

Step 2: Cut Square Shape Pieces

Cut the laminated wood sheet to make 4 square size shapes.

Step 3: Join 4 Hexagonal Shapes

join 4 pieces of hexagonal with tape, add more tape on rough side.

Step 4: Make 2 Halves

add two halves, each half contain 4 hexagonal and 1 square shape.

Step 5: Join Both Halves

join both half and turns like a soccer ball :)

Step 6: Cut the Upper Part

cut the upper part.

Step 7: Final Mold Shape

After cutting upper part, join all square empty shape with wooden sheet and tapes.

Step 8: Prepare Concrete Mix: Adding Sand Cement

Now take a bucket and add sand, cement and water.(3 cup sand 4 cup cement and water as per requirement.)

Step 9: Concrete Mix

after mixing its look like dark cement water dint over watering.

Step 10: Prepare a Center Hole With Spray Bottle

add cardboard and tape to spray bottle and put it on center.

Step 11: Apply Oil

Add Oil inside Hexagonal Shape Mold and Spray bottle.

Step 12: Pour Concrete Mix

Pour concrete mix into hexagonal shape mold.

Step 13: Placed Spray Bottle

Placing a spray bottle in center of the mold.

Step 14: Put Tape Over Spray Bottle

Add tape over spray bottle so that it can not be not be pop up.

Step 15: Removing Mold

After overnight dry remove the mold and dry another 2 days to complete dry.

Step 16: Complete Dry | After 2 Days

complete dried after 2 days.

Step 17: Final Step | Adding Plant

Now add pot mix soil, plant(Mine was Aloe Vera) and little water.

Step 18: Final Look

Your plant is ready, enjoy low water and modern desk planter.



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    2 years ago

    I love this tip. It's very professional and attractive. As soon as I get all the ingredients I shall try this!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I really like the way this turned out. Nice work!!

    1 reply