How Fighting Allergies Can Help You to Feel 100% Better – Even If You Didn't Know You Had Any!

A lot of people don't realize that they have allergies and

as a result they don't seek allergy treatment. This is a huge mistake as many people actually do suffer with allergies without it being very obvious – which isn't to say that it can drastically impact on your health and your quality of life. Read on to see how allergies might be affecting your health…

Sleep and Allergies

Do you often find yourself waking up in the morning with a sore throat, heavy eyes and a blocked nose? For many of us this has become so common and 'normal' that we no longer even question it when of course we should in fact consider this unusual. While many people think it's normal to have a scratchy throat in the morning, or presume that they must have ongoing cold symptoms, the reality is that in many cases these symptoms are actually a sign of hay fever/allergies and that you need to get allergy relief.

If you don't normally experience allergies but get those scratchy throat and bunged nose symptoms in the morning, does this still mean you may have allergies? The answer is a resounding yes, as the symptoms are often worst in the morning seeing as we're also dehydrated and have spent the whole night in the same position breathing in allergens. While the condition might be mild enough for us not to notice most of the day, it builds up during the night and thus the symptoms become apparent by the morning.

Now you might not think that this problem is enough to warrant allergy treatment but this is where you would be wrong – as waking up with allergy symptoms is actually quite a serious problem as it means you feel groggy, tired and often slightly sickly even when you're starting your day. As a result many of us will be less energized in the mornings, less productive and generally slower and more lethargic. This is further compounded by the fact that we probably didn't get the best quality of sleep either so we won't be as well-rested as we should be.

Imagine what it might feel like to jump out of bed feeling energized after a great night's sleep, to have no sickly feeling, no bunged nose and no brain fog. You could even go for a run or do a workout before work… That's why you need to find effective and natural allergy relief.

Treating Your Allergy

Some of the best allergy medicine around is The Allergy Aid – a natural allergy treatment that offers both immediate short term allergy relief and also longer term recovery. What's important to note about 'The Allergy Aid' is that unlike many other forms of allergy treatment – like regular antihistamines – it does not trigger drowsiness. This is an important factor because it means you won't be making yourself feel more tiredin the morning as a result of drugs.

Another important step is simply to make sure you aren't breathing in more allergens than necessary. This means ensuring your windows are properly closed and sealed. If you normally sleep with the window open, try shutting it and see just how much better you feel in the morning – this is a very quick and effective way to identify the need for a natural allergy treatment.

Some people also say that a teaspoonful of honey can also help you to feel better in the morning and may provide some natural defense against allergies as well as ensuring you don't suffer from low blood sugar in the morning. Combine these techniques and you might just find you start feeling a lot healthier and more energetic – even if you never knew you needed allergy treatment to begin with!

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