How Get an Instructable Featured.

Introduction: How Get an Instructable Featured.

When I started on instructables I just liked seeing new things and sharing what I know but I always wanted more people to see what I was making. Then I got an email one day saying that my instructable had been featured. I was very confused so I started to look into what being featured means. It means the people in charge of instructables like what they see from you and that instructable. Sadly there is no magic button we can press to get an instructable featured so we actually have to do work. That work is what ill be showing you how to do.

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Step 1: Take Your Time

free time is something that is offften not easy to find but can be very useful if you have some. If I have 30 minuets of free time I sid down in my room, turn on some jams and work on an instructable. Its a great way to use up that extra time without doing a lot of work and if your like me you love to see you views going up little bit by little bit. Them more time you invest into an instructable to make it great the higher the chance of it getting featured because of the detail in it. I recommend writing all the work out then inserting pictures. Don't be afraid to go back and edit what you write. Getting featured is all about the detail.

Step 2: Be Clear

Make sure what your writing can be understood even if that means inserting a YouTube video of the basics. I was once told to write the instructions like the person reading them knows absolutely nothing about this topic because they might not. That's the point of instructables to share knowledge.

Step 3: Photos

A good picture is the last thing you need to focus on when your writing an instructable. Try not to put in a blurry picture if you can help it. For smaller projects I recommend using a tripod to steady your picture. Getting great pictures takes time and you just have to learn from your mistakes. Trust what you see you know when a picture is a good one.

Step 4: Why to Get Featured

Getting featured is not hard if you try at it but your work is well rewarded. for every instructable you get featured you get 3 months of premium membership for free. there are a bunch of great things that come with that. Your instructable will also be put in the featured tab and more people will see it throwing your views through the roof

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