How I Bond With My Betta Fish

Is it possible to bond with a Betta fish like you might with a Dolphin? I did. In this video I demonstrate how I am bonding with my blue Betta Fish, Muddy Waters who I have only had for less than 2 weeks. Visit my website:

Note: Betta Fish experts recommend much larger tanks than shown in this video to allow for plenty of exercise and space to swim.

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    4 Discussions


    Tip 5 months ago

    NO just NO. Take the post down. it is toooo small for that fish. and unhealthy


    2 years ago

    That bowl does not look good for him ... wtf. They need space you know.


    3 years ago

    * I HAVE this same bowl...BETTA :)


    3 years ago

    I gave this same bowl in front of my bathroom sink. Our female Berta seems very happy every time we use the sink. All pets need attention!!!