How I Made This Simple Euler's Disk

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Euler’s disk is a very interesting scientific educational toy.

When it’s spun, it rotates and spins nearly like a coin when spun but spins for longer time and makes interesting sounds. It consists of a heavy round object with a flat surface.

Today I’ve decided to make my own Euler’s disk.

Although it’s not like the ready made one you can buy that comes with shiny mirroring surface.

But it spins for some time and is good for me since it only took me five minutes to assemble.

I made two versions.

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Step 1: Components

  • Rotor disk from the main motor of an old floppy disk drive
  • Large magnet from an old Microwave oven
  • Metal plate from an old hard disk drive(platter)
  • Old CD rom

Step 2: Version One

First I’ve tried to use the metal plate from the hard disk drive but it seemed like it cannot be attracted by the magnet.

I then found that this kind of platter is made from Aluminum.

So I attached the plate from the floppy disk to the strong magnet and made my first Euler’s Disk.

Step 3: Version Two

I attached the magnet to the floppy disk plate while making the CD rom between them as shown.

This has formed a larger Euler’s Disk. I’ve tested the two versions and I found that they spin longer than the coin and if you spin it on a smooth surface it can produce interesting periodic sounds.

That’s all.

Thank you for reading.

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