How I Made This Tripod Floor Lamp




Wife always wanted a lamp like that for our house but those lamps are a little bit expensive around here. Since Christmas and new year eve is near I decide to make her one as a gift.

It took a while to gather the parts, the tripod is an old one back from 1982, used at the army, I found it at a yard sales and took it at a good price.

Prior to make the lamp, I had to remove the metal legs end, other wise I guess wife would remove my legs(lol),if I place that tripod on our wooden floor as it was.

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Step 1: How I Made This Tripod Floor Lamp, Cutting the Lamp's Glass.

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Plexiglass cover for the lamp.

I use Plexiglass cover and not real glass, since there are kids in house and safety is a priority.

First I design a circle at Vectric Aspire and cut it with my desk top cnc.

Low speed and a good bit are the secrets for a clean cut on plexiglass.

Step 2: Lamps Inner Support.

I support the lamp on this wooden base since the enclosure will be metallic and I wanted to avoid an electric sock in case of ....

I again design the lamp base at Vectric Aspire and cut it from pine.

Step 3: Enclosure.

This is the lamp's enclosure.

It is a kind of cookware that I remove the handle.

Step 4: Enclosure With Glass and Lamp Base On.

The reason I put dark plexiglass is because I find it more sophisticated that the clear one. :-)

Step 5: Time to Make the Lamp's Enclosure Support.

The support was made from metal that was rounded at a local store with an English wheel.

After I get home ,I polish the support with my polishing wheel and some polish compound.

I believe the result is pretty good!!!

Step 6: It Works!!!

Here is the project finished.

Some meters of wire, connections and a socket was the last steps.

Wife seems very pleased and I really enjoy the build.

I place a fluorescent lamp that not get too much heat when is on, that protect the glass and does not heat the metal pan at all.

Hope you all enjoy that build as much as I do and see someone else make one.


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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks Marianachr, much appreciated.

    I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical to post, since this is my very first build I post here, but you know what I find out? This is a very nice place to be!

    Yorkshire Lass

    2 years ago

    I love the way you've repurposed a cooking pan and an old tripod to produce something that looks very classy.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, the truth is that she and kids love it, Swansong.