How I Made a Hot Glue PLAY BUTTON

Introduction: How I Made a Hot Glue PLAY BUTTON

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Play Button when you get them from YouTube, either Silver or Gold is huge deal for person. But you need to have a Large no of followers for them.

I think all the motivation is required in the beginning of something.

Recently I hit 500 Subscribers Mark on YouTube for my DIY, How to make Channel , So I thought why not make one to keep myself motivated :)

You Might Want to check the Video before Moving on here.

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Step 1: Materials for My PLAY BUTTON

It was time to decide the material of which I will make the PLAY BUTTON.

After considering few things, I finalized on Hot Glue. I Love Hot Glue :)

This consist of 2 things.

1) The Play Button (Made of Hot Glue)

2) Frame to hold the Play Button.

few weeks earlier I bought an IKEA Frame. It came Handy this time.

To Add extra flavor, I added LED light to make it look much Cooler.

Step 2: Making Hot Glue PLAY BUTTON

Step 1

After drawing a rough outline of Play Button, I placed it under a transparent CD case. This helped me in getting good shape of it.

After First Layer, I cut a piece of Yellow Tape in Play shape, and placed it over first layer of button. Added another Layer of Hot Glue After it.

The Play Button is ready. Moving On

Step 2

I used an IKEA frame.

On a Red A4 size paper, I printed the Congratulations message and pasted the Play Button on it. Put it in the frame.

Added a 5v LED light so that It Can be powered by Normal USB supply, inside the Frame to shine light on the Play Button.

(Check the Video, Even I can't Stop watching it again and again :P)

Step 3: The Result

It really came out better than what I expected when I started making it.

It looks Gorgeous on My desk, So I decided to put it on my desk permanently. Maybe, even when I get the real Silver Play Button from YouTube. :)

Hope you Enjoyed the process and Loved my Play Button Like I do :)

Checkout the Video above to see how it works.

Hope you enjoyed the process and Liked this Project :) I think everyone should have one of these.

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