How I Marinate a Ham




Introduction: How I Marinate a Ham

Step 1: Take a Photo

Always take a photo or jot down the weight of the ham

Step 2: Moderately Slice the Ham Exterior

This helps to absorb the flavor

Step 3: My Marinating Ingredients

(From left) honey, brown sugar, reduced sodium soy sauce, hot sauce, and regular mustard.

Step 4: Add Brown Sugar

Step 5: Add Honey

Step 6: Add Mustard

Mustard helps tenderize the ham

Step 7: Add Soy Sauce

Step 8: Add Hot Sauce

Just a tiny bit! The heat of the hot sauce will cook out (I promise) and will just leave its flavor.

Step 9: Add HOT Water

Step 10: Stir

Be sure to taste test from time to time and add what u may think is lacking

Step 11: Stir Until Ingredients Are Blended

Step 12: Whip Out the Oven Bags

You need two; one bag to marinate, the other to bake

Step 13: Place Ham in the Bag

Make sure the mouth of the bag is upward. We wouldn't want any spills!

Step 14: Fill Bag With Your Mix

You can add water as needed

Step 15: Seal Bag

Ensure it is sealed with as little air as possible

Step 16: Refrigerate

I usually refrigerate for 2-3 days

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    There’s no measurements and how much hot water are we supposed to add?


    3 years ago

    If I can give an advice, you should remove the most air you can from the bag...that way, the ham will be fully covered with marinade

    (that's the way I made all my marinade...just the spicing change :) )


    3 years ago

    That sounds like it will taste amazing!