How I Organize My Rainbow Loom Case(s)

Introduction: How I Organize My Rainbow Loom Case(s)

About: Hi my name is Kathryn everybody calls me kat this account will be for rainbow loom bracelets and charms and all sorts of things like that I hope you enjoy plz like and comment what you would like for me to d...

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting but I haven't really had time but hopefully that will change! Ok so let's get started! This is how I organize my rainbow loom case(s)!

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Step 1: Box 1

Ok so here is my first box! In it I have … well it's the monster tail box but I use it as a box just like my other 2, so anyway in this box I have the rainbow
Loom hook and mini loom that comes with the monster tail, then underneath it I have the monster tail loom, in front of those I have the rubber band refill pack that comes with it(it is opened and I have the little plastic thing that goes over it to keep all the bands where they go)

Step 2: Box 2

This is box 2 it is a sort of small box, in this box I have a good selection of colors,first I have a pack of mixed rubber bands then I have I have like a dark jelly green next to it I have like a lime green color after that I have like a light color brown next I nave grey then I have tie die green and blue next to that I have pink and purple and pink and blue mix then I have red and white tie die after that I have I have orange and blue tie die then I have grey and black tie die mix then I have off white then I have c and s clips then jelly red then jelly orange next I have jelly green then I have jelly pink and finally jelly blue!

Step 3: Box 3

Ok so here is my last and final box, this is the largest box I could find on the rainbow loom web store, ok so in this case I have orange then like a turquoise color next to them I have the rainbow loom I have 2 of them then on the other side I have purple under neath it I have pink then under neath that I have a jelly blue next to it I have jelly purple then ocean blue jelly then fuschia then I have a turquoise blue color then directly below that I have brown next to that I have yellow then jelly yellow then clear then dark jelly blue on the next row I have red then grey then dark forest green then next to it I have like a mid color green then I have bright neon green then I have c and s clips next row I have white then I have my monster tail and hooks and my red finger loom then finally I have black! That is the end of my cases thank you and I hope this might of helped sort your bands and such that for everything and byee

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