How I Helped Today. Me, Someone in Haiti, and the Planet.


1. When researching cooking with natural fuels, I stumbled upon a real tangible way to help. 
   a. Myself- Camp cooking, canning outside in hot weather, s'mores, grilling on the patio, etc.
       My innate need in times of great crisis to do something to help the situation and improve conditions: there (real and tangible) and within myself (emotional).
   b. Someone in Haiti by helping to provide a clean burning and efficient source of heat and food that will see them through this horrible time and improve conditions for generations.
   c. The planet by reducing particulate emissions into the atmosphere and reducing fuel consumption if only in a small way.
2. Today i bought a wood and charcoal stove($40) for myself.
3. And for some people in need in Haiti($9each stove).

Thanks for looking and you time and consideration. I hope you find although this is not your traditional diy through I think I've found the wonderful spirit of makers trying to help. This is not spam. I am not affiliated with this project, only a big fan.




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