How I Made an Etched Jigsaw Puzzle With a Frame- I Made It at Techshop Detroit!

This is a cool little jigsaw puzzle that fits into a wooden frame. 

Step 1: Gather You Materials

Things you will need:

a piece of wood 12"x8"x3/4"
a piece of wood 12"x8"x1/2"
A ruler
A pencil
A brad nailer
A hand router
A laser cutter/ etcher
A jigsaw

Step 2: Frame Out Your Puzzle.

Cut out two 13.5"x1.25x.75" sides.

Cut out two 8"x1.25'x.75" sides

Step 3: Nail the Frame Together

Put down a bead of wood glue and fit the four sides around the central puzzle base piece.  Use the nail gun to nail the whole thing into place.

Step 4:

Use the hand router to smooth out the edges of the puzzle board.

Step 5:

Find a suitable image and etch it onto your puzzle board.  (I used "cops" by Aiden Hughes).

Step 6:

Flip the image  over and mark out some basic lines how you would like the puzzle pieces to fit together.  Then put it on the jigsaw and cut along the lines.

Fit the puzzle back into the frame and voila!  You have a nifty little gift.



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