How I Make a Campfire




Introduction: How I Make a Campfire

This is my take on an easy way to have a great campfire

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Step 1: First Step - Fire Starter

I build my fires with homemade egg carton fire starter(lot of great instructables on that) I use pet bedding shavings to make mine, they work great.

Step 2: Second Step - Small Logs

I place to small diameter logs about 10 inches apart and place the fire starter in the middle

Step 3: Third Step - 2 X 4 Kindling

Place 2 x 4's that are about 12 inches long or any other milled lumber is great for kindling; stack on top of small logs. I usually split the 2 x 4s making them 2 x 2, they catch fire quicker.

Step 4: Fourth Step - Light

Now light the fire starter and arrange the milled wood (2 x 4s or  2 x 2) above the flame so as not to smother the flames

Step 5: Fifth Step - Add Large Logs

As the fire continues to grow add larger logs and get ready to make s'mores.

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    5 years ago

    Cool instructions! When our son was in cub scouts, they built fire starters using the cardboard egg cartons, stuffed with clothes dryer lint & then poured some melted wax (parents part) on top. You can also pour the melted wax on dry pine cones to give as gifts for those who use their fireplaces.