Studio Sweat (a Work Place)

Introduction: Studio Sweat (a Work Place)

I love projects!  Remodeling projects , sewing projects , painting projects , all kinds.That's where the room I am sharing with you comes in.  It's my studio!  I love having a place to be creative, and work on projects.  However, this studio varies slightly from the one that I see in my head.  So without further adieu...... 

Here is my studio!! I know I am pretty lucky to have a crafting space all to myself and I am so thankful.  It's not a large space, it's kind of long and narrow.  With that in mind I would like to keep most of the storage along the back wall {the one with the window}.  Ideally I would install some floating cabinets right under the window and top that off with some type of counter top solution, that would be so much better than the eco friendly cardboard box shelving unit I have right now.  {The Brick House has a great example here }  Above the cabinets some floating shelves would be fantastic for displaying art and other accessories like the EKBY JÄRPEN wall shelf.  My work table is just a cheap dining table that my boyfriend and I no longer need.  It works for now, but I would love something like the Jonas or the Expedit Work Station so I could spread out and have more storage.  With a better work surface I would love to have something to look at!  All my walls are blank white, which is not very inspiring.  I would love a nice eclectic collection of art and frames, including this frame, this piece of art, and some other pieces.  Art isn't the only thing these bare walls need.  Since I'm in the basement some more windows would help, wait I can't have more windows?  Well maybe some faux windows in the form of mirrors!  I would love to have a grouping of these HÖNEFOSS mirrors somewhere.  And speaking of lighting, I would love to update that situation stat!  I would love some more modern track lighting like this.  And maybe something with a little more presence to set off one area of the room like this.  And just to keep things clean looking I might install this TUNDRA floating floor.  With all the white on white on white I think having some colorful accessories would be very important, and perhaps adding an accent wall would define the space.  I love the idea of putting metallic sequins on the back wall between the cabinets and shelves like this picture here.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    @emilygracedavis: I'm not to instructables savy, but if you click on one of the links you'll be directed to my blog where I document all of my projects!