How It Is Made: Quilled Paper Candle?




To make this bright quilled candle you need some basics of your quilling supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Quilling strips (many 5mm and one 10 mm)
  • Quilling needles
  • Decorative stones, pearls
  • Glue (I use Express Wood Glue)

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Step 1: Preparing the Candle

Glue the paper strip (10 mm) candle line.

Step 2: Preparing the Rings

Combine two quilling strips and roll them up using the quilling tool to form a round shape.

Fasten the end with glue.

Make another similar ring.

When the rings are done give them the shape of a tear drop with the help of your fingers.

Step 3: Making the Interior of the Rings

First take your quilling strip and measure about an inch from the top and insert your slotted needle.

Next you need to twist the slotted needle in the upward direction till you cover the one inch strip you left on the top.

Hold it in this position tightly so that your swirls sets in tight and doesn’t uncoil fast.

So now that your first swirl is done, you can remove the slotted tool carefully without opening it up.

Again measure an inch from the end of first swirl and insert your tool.

Twist the needle in the same direction as before or twist in the opposite direction.

Make swirls in the same direction for the entire strip.

Step 4: Begin Assembling

Glue the drops to the candle's edge.

Step 5: Be Creative

Decorate with pearls and stones as you see fit.

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    7 Discussions


    2 years ago

    beautiful! where can you get one of those cool needle additions


    3 years ago

    Simple concept, but really pretty and cool!!!!


    3 years ago

    I REALLY like the bright colours! They remind me of the colouring book mandalas. The paper poses a fire hazard, though. Maybe using the little battery-operated versions of the tea lights would give you a pretty candle that's also safe?

    hanja 33

    3 years ago

    Very pretty!


    3 years ago

    Perfect shapes and beautiful outcome :)