How Jogo76 Changes a Lightbulb

Introduction: How Jogo76 Changes a Lightbulb

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Changing a lightbulb can be an interesting & awkward proposition. Many are locked behind screwed covers or other inconvenient situations or unusual fixtures common in vehicles & commercial buildings. Changing the bulb in a street lamp is 25 step process regulated by OSHA & involves all manner of complicated equipment & safety precautions.

However, regardless of the lightbulb, Jogo76 makes it easy. Here's how he changes a lightbulb in one easy step.

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Step 1: Touch the Lightbulb

Jogo76 has extraordinary powers that even he can't explain. He just knows things. Like changing a lightbulb. He just touches it & it's changed. Or perhaps, more likely, when he touches the lightbulb, the world truly does revolve around him.

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