How NOT to Do a Testimonial Video With the MB

Bikeskills version of Failblog. While video-tapping a few testimonials from Santa Cruz Bike owners, the MB puts on a terrific secondary performance. Keep your eyes on the yellow jacket. And no, he was not hurt. Not at all

While the video turned out (depending on your sense of humor) pretty funny, we did learn a bit about how to, and how not to, make a testimonial.

Lesson Number One: Be clear about the questions you are going to ask your subject. Let them know, before head, what you'll be asking them about so it won't come as a surprise. And if possible, let other subjects listen/watch other subjects being interviewed.

Lesson Two: Try and make the subjects feel comfortable, get warmed up before you start asking them the questions you will want answered for your testimonial

Lesson Three: Be prepared for either the unexpected or even to end up with content that requires going back to the drawing board. We call it: ready, fire, aim.




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