How Ot Do Magic With a Orange

About: I an a magic creator that believes that there is not enough new magic being taught for free. It is mainly all the old stuff that is being taught so I decided to create a youtube channel where I teach my own ...

Intro: How Ot Do Magic With a Orange

in this video I will show you how to do a really cool magic trick with a orange! this trick is really cool and I know you will al like it.

When you do a magic trick with any fruit it seems to give this really cool reaction on the spectators because it is unexpected.



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    1 year ago

    Nice trick. I'm going to give some advice now.

    - Slow down with posting. There is a typo in the title

    - Video only instructables are a turn off to many. For future, show the steps along with the video

    - For the video, your head is partially chopped off - adjust the camera

    - You misspelled "orange" on the card. Take your time and make nicer cards.