How Root the Samsung I9300 S3

Introduction: How Root the Samsung I9300 S3

How Root the Samsung I9300 S3

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Step 1: Requirements

Rooting the Samsung s3 i9300 you need the following Software

1- Odin (please google and download the latest version like v3.x)

2- CF Root file (i linked this file )

Step 2: Download Mood

After installation of the odin.

please put the phone into download in the Pictures.

Step 3: Run Odin

Run the odin.

please make sure the check box like in the picture.

after that you need to click on the PDA button and then select the CF root file (unziped).

after that connect the phone to the computer and click on start.

have phone will go to restart and its rooted now.

if face some problem please leave the comments and i will try my best to give the answer

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4 years ago

Good info, thanks for sharing how to do this!