How Spark Produced in Motorcycle Engine...!!!
Spark Produced in Motorcycle engine by Capacitor discharge ignition (CDI).
The capacitive-discharge ignition uses capacitor discharge current output to fire the spark plugs.

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    Stryker 1989

    6 months ago on Introduction

    Ok so to start I have a 2004 Honda cbr 1000 I Recently purchased and noticed it was it running quite right so I bought new spark plugs when changing the spark plugs I know this one looks completely brand new I’ve never been fired check the coil’s and one was not getting spark Check the wires all the wires was. Follow the wire all the way to the CDI box and have no power on just that one wire that went to just be one coil could this be my problem everything else works the bike runs but just on 3 cylinders there’s two wires going to the coil and only one is hot but when I check the other coils both wires are supposed to be hot