How to Adjust Laser Pointer

Introduction: How to Adjust Laser Pointer

Here's a tutorial on how to adjust laser Pointer this laser is 3 in1 it is different from other laser because the laser have the flashlight uv light and laser

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Step 1: Get All the Materials

you'll need screwdriver,laser Pointer, and a pliers

Step 2: Get Your Pliers

get your pliers

Step 3: The Laser

get your laser and hold it with your pliers

Step 4: Unscrew the Cap

you need to Unscrew the laser you'll just wiggle it all around

Step 5: Get the Laser

then you'll get the laser

Step 6: Adjusting

first you'll need to remove the silver cap out of the laser then you'll see the lens of the laser then screw it up you can screw it counter clockwise or clockwise then it will be different

Step 7: Put It Back

put it back and try it

Step 8: Laser

this is my laser i adjust this by using screwdriver and turning it clockwise

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