How to Animate a Run on Pivot Stickfigure Animator.

Introduction: How to Animate a Run on Pivot Stickfigure Animator.

Hello! Today I am going to show you a simple run in Pivot Stickfigure Animator, if you couldn't guess already. 

Step 1: The Starting Pose.

The starting pose is the most important of the run. Why? How else would you start the run? You NEED the starting pose. The starting pose should be a simple running type stance.

Step 2: The Start of the Run.

To start your run, you want to start making the front leg move bag, and the back leg move forward. The same goes for the arms, you want to move the front arm backwards and the back arm forwards. Be sure to keep the head in place, and to move the back joints so it flows with the run. 

Step 3: The Build Up.

For this frame, you want the legs to start to cross. The back leg coming forward, and the back leg into a pose that makes it look like its going to spring out. You should also start to cross the arms at this point. Front arm back, back arm forward. 

Step 4: The Build Up: Part 2.

In this frame, you want the front (now back) leg to be in a slanted stiff kind of pose. This leg is what will make the 'hop' in the run. The back (now front) leg should be ready to spring out to land the 'hop'. The arms should be crossed over now. 

Step 5: The 'Hop'.

This is where that miniature 'hop' I talked about should happen. The back leg should be starting to bend back into the air, and the front leg should be stretching out into that landing. The front arm should be coming up from the crossing, and the back arm should be going back behind the figure. 

Step 6: The 'Hop': Part 2.

The stick man should be flowing into that landing, but not quite yet. Bend the back leg backwards a little bit more, and move the front leg into a ready landing type pose. The front arm should continue to move forward, and that back arm should continue to move backwards. 

Step 7: The 'Hop': Part 3.

And just a little tiny bit of movement, just move the front limbs forward, and back limbs back.

Step 8: The Landing Process/ Starting Over.

In this frame, you should start to move the front leg downwards toward the ground, and start to bring the hind leg forward. You also want to bring the front arm back, and the back arm forward. 

By this frame, to complete the loop, you should follow the steps until now. 

Step 9: The Final Product.

Now this is a thing that takes practice to do. So good luck, and have fun. :) 

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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    when i want to animate a stickfigure running in this pose, how many pixels should i move him


    Answer 2 years ago

    Trial and error is the way to learn the answer !

    you're pretty good with this stick figure stuff, have you ever tried tracking the joints of a person moving on video and turning this data into a stick figure animation?