How to Annoy Your Teacher

Introduction: How to Annoy Your Teacher

A simple guide on how to annoy your teacher for the amusement of you and your peers. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Sleep in Class

Sleeping in class always seems to annoy teachers. Us teenagers seem to be able to fall asleep anywhere, whether it be a bed, chair or in this case, in the middle of a animating station. Regardless, falling asleep in class (especially in large numbers) really annoys teachers.

Step 2: Listen to Bad Music Constantly&Make Shrines to the Artists

Listening to bad music out loud is a good way to annoy anyone. I find that Aaron Carter, Nickelback, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC & Aqua work exceptionally well for annoying my teacher. I suggest listening to the same song repeatedly so that it makes it that much more annoying. Making a shrine to the artist really does top it off. I chose to make a shrine on my teacher's board to Aaron Carter.

Step 3: Photoshop Your Teacher Onto Other Bodies

Since I'm taking a computer class, where my teacher constantly tells us to use Photoshop, I decided to use it to his annoyance. My teacher really hates Nickelback, so I thought hey what a great idea!! I found a photo of Chad Kroeger and Stephen Harper side by side. I then photo shopped my teacher onto Stephen Harper's body. I also photo shopped my teacher as Mario riding Yoshi. Be sure to print off copies of the photo as well as posting it all over the internet to publicly embarrass your teacher. 

Step 4: Get One of Those Photos Put Onto a Shirt

The next step up from the photo shopping is to actually get the photo on a t-shirt so that your teacher will be even more annoyed. Of course they're going to have to wear the shirt at least once just so they don't make you feel bad. Therefore they are even more publicly humiliated. 

Step 5: Try to Download Ram & Crash the Computers

So i'll admit, I'm not a computer wiz, so when the guys in my class told me to download more ram I thought it was a great idea. However this was far from a good idea which resulted in my computer crashing. This seemed to annoy my teacher quite a lot. 

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