How to Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film




Introduction: How to Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film

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If you wanted to get a new look without too much commitment, some carbon fiber vinyl film would be a great way add a bit of a unique flair to either the interior or the exterior of your vehicle. The best part is that the film is not a permanent modification at all; you can swap out the look whenever you so choose.

Step 1:

Clean the surface where you're going to apply the vinyl film. The vinyl sticks on better to clean surfaces that don't have any dirt. It's also best to apply the film onto a smooth surface.

Step 2:

Unroll the film and lay it out to make it easier to work with.

Step 3:

Cut the vinyl sheet to a rough estimation of the size you have in mind.

Step 4:

Start adhering the application.

Step 5:

Use your fingers to trace along the edges to get a proper outline.

Step 6:

Take an exacto knife or a box cutter to trim away the excess vinyl film from the application.

Step 7:

Now you can admire the new look. Enjoy your carbon fiber vinyl film.

Step 8:

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    Nice write up. Makes the interior look much more classy and sporty.

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