How to Apply Grip Tape

Introduction: How to Apply Grip Tape

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Lots of skateboards come with black grip tape. Covering the top of this longboard means covering the majority of the stain. I want to keep the feel of the colors and still maintain traction.

This is how I did it...

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Step 1: Supplies

-Scissors (I used tin snips --grip tape can damage scissors over time)

-Grip tape

Before shaping your grip tape, get a nice crease in the center of the tape by folding them in half. This centerline will come in handy later on.

Step 2: Trim and Mock Fit

After getting an idea of where you want your tape, shape and mock fit the pieces to get a better feel of the end product.

To shape the grip patches, I placed the folded tape onto the centerline of the deck, and traced out the edge that ill be cutting off. I did this repeatedly until all the pieces were ready to be stuck.

Step 3: Application

Since the deck doesn't have a line down the center, I combined a few rubber bands and stretched it from the tail to the nose. This method gives the most straightest line --without having to make marks on the deck.

Remove the backing from the grip tape patch you are going to place. Start on one of the corners near the rubber band and keep about an eighth of an inch away from said band line. Maintain that corner and place down the second corner closest to the centerline. Once you can see that the grip patch is straight, push down on the rest of the patch; being careful not to trap any air bubbles by pressing down from the center towards the edge.

After all of your tape is laid down and pressed on, stand back from your creation, take a moment to pat yourself on your back,and appreciate your work of art! :)

Note: I placed the grip tape that way for several reasons. The centerline aids in helping to keep your heels to one side, and your toes on the other. The tail doesn't have grip because the board isn't meant to take any weight in that section. The clear tape allows us to see the natural colors of the wood, and the pearly-grey stain I applied. Besides the contrasting hue of the orange, that area also serves as a marker to train the eye. If you're standing behind the orange dot (which can easily be seen with your peripheral vision) you are just far back enough to not lift the nose, still be able to steer, and cross-step toward the nose without the fear of running out of room. Happy surfing!

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