How to Apply Makeup for Teens

Introduction: How to Apply Makeup for Teens

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Step 1: Find Any Makeup Book You Have or Just Follow This Simple Guide

Here i have a bobby brown makeup manual.
I am not actually going to apply this makeup.
I am just going to be your glamorous guide x

Step 2: Equipment

Step 3: You Will Need the Following

Blush brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, foundation brush, powder brush and sponges

Step 4: How to Cover a Blemish

1. Choose a stick foundation or concealer stick the exact shade matching you skin tone.
2. With a concealer brush, dab the product on the spot only. Wipe it away from the surrounding areas. Layer a second coat on if needed.
3. Dust a bit of skin tone correct powder directly ontop of the spot.

Step 5: Colourful Eyes

Add a little bit of your chosen eye shadow to your lower lid.
Dont try and make yourself look any older than you actually are as the results look harsh and awkward.

Step 6: Add a Little Lip Gloss

Add a clear lipgloss to your lips

Step 7: Enjoy You Glamorous Look

Go out with your friends!!

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