How to Attach a Fishing Leader




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Step 1: Get Your Line

I'm using 50# Spider Wire braid and 20# Trilene XL as my leader.

Step 2: Start Blood Knot

To start a blood knot you need to take both ends of the lines and loop each of them around 6-8 times on one side. Then put the line back in the middle and repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Pull Tight

Carefully pull the tag ends until everything cinches down and be extra careful with braided line because it is slick and will slip out easily.

Step 4: Cut Tag Ends

Cut off the tag ends.
Note: The knife I use here is a Boker Kalashnikov automatic knife.

Step 5: Add Hooks or Lures

Tie on your favorite lure, hook, or swivel....

Step 6: Go Catch Fish!!

Now that you have your leader and favorite lure on you can go do what's important and go fishing!

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    4 years ago

    more info on the knife then the knot