How to Avoid Rubbing Off the Golden Color on a Fake Ring




This is a very simple but necessary thing to know!

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Step 1: Paint Them With Seethrough Nail Lacquer

Start with putting your rings on a piece of paper. Don't to it on those pads you remove your make up with, the cotton will get stuck to the ring. The lacquer will be like glue.

If you drown them in see through nail lacquer, the golden color won't disappear and they won't make your fingers green-ish. It's like a shell for the rings

Step 2: Let Them Dry!

Now, wait until they're dry. Don't forget to paint the insides! That's where it's most important to cover the color

Step 3: Wear Them!

Now the golden color has a cover on it, so the color stays and won't make your fingers green or rusty.

One picture is from tumblr, and the one with green nails is Rihanna. Did unfortunately not have time to take pics of my rings :)

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    5 years ago

    Great nail art!