How to B-boy

Introduction: How to B-boy

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A lot of people think that B-boying is just breakdancing, however, there is a lot more to it than that. Here you will learn the elements of breakin' , some lingo, and some styles.

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Step 1: Lingo

Here are some terms and phrases that will help make you sound like a B-boy(or B-girl). Don't over use these terms. Otherwise, people will see you as a beginner who hasn't learned how to control his/her speech patern.

Step 2:

Peep(s): people
Flap: empty talk
B-girl: a girl who participates in one of the B-elements
The Elements: Graffiti, MC, Breakin', ect.ect.
Winkles: sleep
Top rock: the dance you do while you're standing.
Footwork: the fast paced foot movement that commonly moves in a circle.
Power move(s): the moves that give you the momentum to keep moving.
Tricks: the moves that make the crowd go crazy.
Floor work: moves on the ground
Drops: moves where you go from top rock to floor work instantly.

You can also add stuff to these. The first phrase I learned was, " Hey yo! what's with all the flappeddee flip flip, I'm totally tryin' ta klick a chili willy and you peeps is bombin' off them winkles with all this bogus wooferin' and tweeterin'."

Basically this means, " I'm trying to sleep and you people are being too loud!"

Step 3: Breakin'

Now we get to the best part of B-boying... Breakin'!!

I will be updating this instructable later with pics and vids showing you how to do some of these moves. Sorry :(

Step 4: Gear

Breakin' is a very individual dance. Therefore when you pic your apparel, don't copy anyone! People will get pretty ticked if you steal their style. Always make up your own.
As an example, I am really tall and really skinny. This made me look like a rag doll when I danced, so, I wore a color that made me look bigger, and pants that made me look shorter and a black shirt with bright designs on it too draw mor attention to my upper body than to my long legs.

Also, make sure you get quality gear. Breakin' will tear up your clothes soo fast you'll be naked by the time you get to the tenth spare beat.
Quality makes a difference

Step 5: Pads

Now we get to the pads. I have three words on this... DON'T USE THEM!
They are just going make you wimpy. You will eventually gat callouses if you keep practicing, but pads are the sign of an amateur. You are going to get beat up if you breakdance, that's just the way it is... LIVE WITH IT!!

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