How to Be a Pro

Introduction: How to Be a Pro

1 . Step one , NEVER say " Hey guys do you like school ?" Because they will think that you are a NERD

2. Always act cool at all times E.G when you are going to die

3. Be in all cool clubs at school ( if you don't go to school then go to clubs outside school )

4. Have a girlfriend who is popular who is not a fan of JUSIN BEIBER eww he is gross




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    And what's wrong with nerds? Seeming that you "like" FNAF, that says that you are a nerd. Everyone is a nerd bout somethin, even if it's building houses or driving. And, since you make instructables, THAT IS CONSIDERED NERDY!

    I really, REALLY hope this is a joke.

    Wow that is immature! Like, first of all a pro is someone that is what you define as "cool" but dont follow your steps of just stepping and abusing and ditchibg other people a cool/pro oerson is one who has a life and might be popular but at the same time is nice!

    You need to define what 'cool' is for this to be an Instructable.

    Um, what's a PRO and why would I or anyone else, want to be one?

    The Devil is correct.