How to Be a Redneck Skier.




Here's the situation: You arrive to your ski destination after hours of driving only to find that the ticket booths have massively long lines! What do you do? REDNECK TIME!!!

Or maybe this is more YOU: After a long day of skiing you feel tired but when you look at your watch its only 2:00 and your mountain closes at 4:00! you obviously don't want to waste your money, so what do you do? REDNECK TIME!!!

I'm Potmom and I'm here to teach you how to be the most redneck skier on the hill.

If you don't like to help others and yourself, do yourself a favor, leave now. if otherwise, continue on!

So let's say your situation is the first, you cannot, in a reasonable amount of time that is, get a ski ticket. Well don't worry! this instructable is for you! 

- Charisma
- Ability To Reason

Step 1. First things first. You need to find your target. choose someone who is leaving and who looks nice. strike up a respectful, charismatic conversation. at a natural stopping point, ask if they are leaving, if yes, continue to step 2, if no, tell them to have a nice day and repeat step 1.

Step 2. Ask if they are willing to sell their ticket. if not go to step 1. if yes, then offer them 3/4 of the original price of the ticket. While this is not the most "clean" way to get a ticket, it benefits you, and the seller.

Method 2:

If you are done skiing but don't want to waste your money, sell it! 

- Same as step 1

Step 1A) Find someone at the parking lot fretting about the line you just avoided.

Step 2A) ask if they would like a discount on tickets. if yes, offer 3/4 of the original price. if no, Continue on.

Step 3A) well, now that you sold that pesky ticket be happy! Enjoy the fact that you only payed 1/4 price for your ticket!

These are two steps to the life of a Redneck Skier. Enjoy!

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