Guide to Airsoft

Introduction: Guide to Airsoft

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Good gun, practice, get on a team, airsoft with a lot with friends

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Step 1: Get a Good Gun!

To be good at airsoft, you should get a good gun. It doesn't have to be very expensive. For example if your a beginner dont get a $250-300 gun. You can get a decent gun for around $120. When you buy a gun, try to find a full metal gun for more durability

Step 2: Practice!

To get good you will need to practice a lot! When you practice you can do it with friends and by yourself. When you practice you can do some of these things -target practice -shooting on the run -snap shooting behind cover -practice skirmishes -physical fitness

Step 3: Get on a Team

If you get on a team you can have more practice. You will also have more wars and you will have more chances to use new techniques. Also, you could get sponsored and get discounts by websites such as -airsoft gi -monster airsoft -airsoft megastore

Step 4: Have Many Battles

Like i said earlier, the more battles you have the more chances you will have to practice strategies and techniques. You will also get use to the way your gun shoots so your accuracy will improve. Battles are also really fun!

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    2 years ago

    Good, but I bought a $15 one a 1911sigsaur