How to Be Popular


Introduction: How to Be Popular

Hey! Ok so being popular isn't simple. Most people think oh if I wear this, get this, but this, etc... they will be popular. That's not true. So I'm here to help you guys!

Step 1: Dressing

You will want to dress nicely. Make sure you keep your hair styled too. We don't want people calling you bed head now do we? It can be comfortable clothes as long as they match.

Step 2: Attitude

You want to be kind and nice. Don't be all like Eww your weird. Because remember they are most likely jealous inside.

Step 3: Don't Stress

Don't stress about it. Be yourself. But don't be mean. Be nice kind sweet and forgiving good luck!



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    I think this could be retitled as how to be popular AND stay a decent person or something like that. I clicked thinking it'd be something ridiculous, but it was actually kind of cute. Thanks for not being vapid, OP!

    Ummm it makes sense to me....

    I find it ironic how the title says "how to be popular" yet at the end it says "don't worry , be yourself" ... Just saying ..

    1 reply