How to Bear the Wall of Flesh

The Wall Of Flesh (WOF) is the hardest Pre-Hardmode bosses. Killing him drops the Pwnhammer, which initiates Hardmode. He is summoned by using a Guide Voodoo Doll in Hell (The Underworld). To find one kill a Voodoo Demon, and have a Guide in your world.

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Step 1: Preparation

You will need lots of items to beat the WOF. I used:

-Regeneration potions
-Mana potions
-Health potions
-Ironskin potion
-Thorns potion

-Molten helmet
-Molten breastplate
-Molten greaves

-Cloud In A Bottle
-Spetctre Boots
-Band Of Regeneration
-Obsidian Shield

-Fire Flower
-Molten Fury

-500+ Silver bullets
-Lots of Hellfire arrows or Jester arrows

400-600 Blocks (Can be any kind)

Step 2: Making the Arena

Make a bridge from the beginning of the Underworld to near the end. This will let you walk across and save time. Mine any obstacles that are in your way.

Step 3: The Fight

Keep your distance and hit the eyes, they have no defense. Use Muramasa and the fire flower to kill the hungry. If you start to loose health run away, you have the entire underworld to defeat him. Once you get good at beating him you will be able to farm him for about 20-30 gold coins each. Hope this was helpful for you, KIK me if you need further help. <--also a good source for information.

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    4 years ago

    I just used 10 been added LOL


    5 years ago

    Beat the wall of flesh* sorry about messing up on the title


    5 years ago

    I beat him on my own using the gravity potion hellfire arrows and a decent spear forget which 1..hellfire arrows are a must though


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Piercing spells can wrack in tons of damage on the boss has many parts for the spells to pass through for damage. Ranged guns are an extremely effective method for staying out of damage range and constantly hammering the boss. If you prefer melee... I'm sorry and good luck, I would probably try to stack as much armor on my accessories as i could to try and mitigate as much damage as possible.