How to Beat 2048

Introduction: How to Beat 2048


One of the most infuriating games since flappy bird. Why does everyone love challenging games? In this instructable, I'll teach you how to make it to 2048 and beyond!(mabye....) so all of your friends will either be like, "WOW! You beat 2048!?" Or like "Wow, I beat that game like a century ago."

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Step 1: Beginning!

To make this clear, I have to put it in all caps. MAKE SURE YOUR HIGHEST NUMBER DOES NOT LEAVE A CORNER!!! If this rule is ignored, failure is practically inevitable.

Step 2: To Maintain Steadiness...

Make it so that your numbers add up to the highest number. So that all you need to do to get a higher number is to add to the lowest number and slide it to the right.

Step 3: In a Jam?

If your highest number ends up not in a corner, build up the number in the closest corner at all costs so you can combine them

Step 4: Perseverance!

Using this technique, I've made it to 2048 18 times. Although I failed to tonight(2:00 am gimme a break.) the chance of victory after playing ten rounds was 7/10 victories.

There is no guarantee that you will win, but hey, this works for me, so it'll work for you!

PS: thanks for 10,000 views guys!



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    6 Discussions

    I tried your method...

    15, 4:38 PM.jpg

    the easiest way actually is to alternate, Down, Right, Up, Left, In a square like motion, ive never gotten into a jam with it and it makes the game easy.

    Thanks for the input

    Nice gaming Ible, it´s a really good game and a good Instructable also.

    This man has priorities

    This is true, and keep them at the top, swipe only left, right and up. swiping down is failure.