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Hey guys! This instructable is gonna be about how to beat the 2048 game. If you follow these steps your almost surely gonna be able to beat the game. Trust me I've gotten the 4096 tile using this strategy.

Step 1: Know What to Do

Ok, before we get to any of the fancy stuff like beating the game you should know how to properly play the game. Ok most of you probably just move wherever you can combine two numbers... Aren't i correct? Well that is exactly what not to do! You should chose a side that your not gonna ever move in the game unless that's the only thing you can do. For example i never move up.

Step 2: What to Do With Your Highest Number

Your goal at the beginning of the game is to get a pretty decent number like 128. But there's a catch to it... Make sure it's not lying around wherever, try and get it to whatever side you play on like for example i like to use the bottom but it's whatever is comfortable for you. And also try and get it in the corner. And from there we move on to the next step.

Step 3: Staircases

Right now what you want is for whatever row you use to always be full. And while it's full you wanna try and get your numbers to be descending. So like from a 128 you would go 64 then 32 then 16 and in the square over your 16 you would wanna make another 16 so the rest is done pretty much by itself and every time you move make another staircase with higher numbers and so on.

Step 4: Win

Using this strategy you will most likely succeed in getting the 2048 tile. Thanks for reading this instructable please like and follow and I hope you enjoyed it ;)



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    Sorry i made a mistake on step 2. In the title it says "why" but I meant to say "what"