How to Become a Gaming Legend

Introduction: How to Become a Gaming Legend

Wan't to become a gaming legend like the yogscast or skydoesminecraft? Then this is the tutorial for you!

Step 1: Get a YouTube Account

Get a YouTube account or skip this step if you already have one. You may also want to get a account since you will need one when you get popular

Step 2: Post Gameplay

Post yourself playing games you like. You can record your screen using bandicam or fraps. Also try not to get any watermarks on your videos you will also need an intro and an optional outro. If your playing minecraft, you can check out my video on how to make an intro for it. Post original content and post things that are not posted very much

Step 3: Waiting

Wait for subscribers, just keep posting and waiting you'll eventually become a general YouTuber with about 500 subscribers.

Step 4: Partnership

Once you have enough subscribers (usually 500) sign up for a partnership. Partnerships will supply you with sounds for your videos and get you a lot more subscribers. The 2 partnership program's I suggest are machines and the rpm network.

Step 5: Wait in Happieness

You have to wait and upload again but you will be getting a lot more subscribers than before. Carry on uploading and join servers for the games you like playing. Some people might know you and say something like: omg its youryoutubeusername. Some people who have seen the message will look at your channel if they have seen it before. If you have followed this tutorial correctly then congratulations! You should now be a YouTube legend.

Step 6: Becoming Even More Popular

You can download a program called xsplit and make an account on there website. Then login to the xsplit software with your xsplit account. Link it with your account. Do file, select a screen region and select your screen apart from the task bar. Open your game (in windowed mode if it is full screen) and on xsplit do broadcast, to twitch tv. Fill in all the details and press start. You should be live streaming to Post the link to your YouTube channel. This should make you even more popular.

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