How to Become a Superhero




Introduction: How to Become a Superhero

Through this instructable I will show you how to tap into your inner powers (if any) and become the next Batman, Hulk, or Martian Manhunter. Remember with great power comes great popularity and ability to beat the $h!t out of your arch enemy. So read on and please rate.

Step 1: Find Your Power

Don't dive in the biohazardous stuff just yet because you might just  have a hidden power somewhere in you. First go through this list...
Get some Kryptonite and feel if weakness falls upon you if not...
Try running as fast as you can and vibrate through a wall. Try while nobody is around so you dont look like a fool. If this doesn't work please...
Try jumping off a roof and fly. Make sure to have a trampoline ready if your not sure already. If this alas doesn't not work then...
Make your hand in a rockstar and see if web shoots out.
Look at somebody while your head is on fire and burn their soul.
Find your secret claws that shoot out when your angry.
God of Thunder?
Fraid of Bats?
Turn green when mad?
Clobberin' time?
Nothing? Next Step

Step 2: Costume

Ok. You either have or dont have a superpower. If not think and practice fighting and train to be able to defeat. Next you have to get a costume. Now no KMart here so either fabric from you alien spacecraft, a suit that comes from a ring or make it yourself. Please no more Crazy Quilt Designs(see Pic).

Step 3: Secret Lair and HQ

When you have a hard time keeping your plane because the landlord doesn't like jets on his property you need a secret lair. When thinking of a place try to not make it obvious (public land! Spiderman didn't hide his stuff in central park!) and watch for people placing signs to your location (see Pic). Also don't be to elaborate. If your on a tight budget, your basement or maybe a abandoned warehouse could work. It is such a pity that there are no phone booths around me so I use the place nobody would suspect. A giant Fortress of Solitude in  Antarctica is something nobody would know about. Nobody at NASA noticed a giant crystal castle on the Earth?

Step 4: Catchphrase

Before you start you need that little touch that adds effect to your character. Its clobberin' time! ,HULK SMASH! , and Faster than a speeding bullet etc. are some of the good ones. also unless you want to carry your Ipod around to play it you will need a theme song. Don't ask me how to pick it just make it up.

Step 5: Gadgets

Now some heroes have classier gadgets than others. Rings, Batarangs, Smoke Grenades,and Grapples are the simplest. If your an ordinary you will need these to survive a fight or dangerous situations.

Step 6: Leagues and Groups

Now you must team up with others and fight the powers of evil. Now chances are there is no craigslist add "Alien in need of team with which to fight crime. No Fire. Love oreos." so your on your own with that one.

Step 7: Enemies

Now watch because as soon as your publicized the villains will pop up like mushrooms. Just  keep an eye out for power hungry beings who are obsessed with something weird ie. Jokes riddles toys bombs etc. and have a nice time with your double life.

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Charcoal Jaguar. That's my name. Just call me "Jag" for short.

my name is Cosmo!, my powers are (IM NOT KIDDING) Being able to see the future by closing my eyes (also sleep), Can Run Alot Faster when I drink 1 soda, when I Cough on someone they sneeze twice, perfect aim, whenever i think of a temperature it changes temperature, thinking of something and that thing happens (or something simiar) example I want to be colder a breeze blows on my face, absorbing massive heat to get strength with stuff like fire, Sun light, hot days, etc, my lair is in a underground bunker I made (its secret)

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hey my name is quiver me and my friends we are superheroes me and my cousin I know this is gonna sound really weird are not really normal the thing is we have a latitude longitude of powers and we can't really control them they come and go as they please and i have magic that I'm still working on but the bright side I know mma and know how to knife throw and use a bow and arrow that was were the name quiver came from my cousin is dark arrow and my friend is arrow tip

if yes. i live in lacey washington state choker street 3rd avenue

I really wanna become a hero but how do I know if I'm right for the job I'm only in high school and I wanna protect my country but I don't have any superpowers ):

where is the next step u need to show it without making us all use our fingers and any girls who are 15 out there give me an email @

hi my name is Dave me and my friend,Sam,are superheroes my name is Fin-ix and Sam's name is Speedy but we need help to find a base,can you help me!?????

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Try finding a base like your bedroom or closet you have to be rich to get a base like the bat cave

hey any "wackos" or "freaks" want to contact me about teaming up I have kik it's pretty_with_blue and pretty_with_skyblue