How to Become a Graphic Artist

Introduction: How to Become a Graphic Artist

In this Instructable, I will be showing you good ways to improve your skills in graphic designing by showing new, maybe not new, techniques. You'll be learning how to turn a dumb looking circle to a character, or create an Apple iPhone with just your computer.

All you will need is:

1x Computer (duh)

1x Mouse

1x Pen

1x Sketch Pad

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Step 1: ​Step 1: Doodle

This is one of the most important ideas because then you could paste those ideas onto a computer. Start to create characters with intricate designs, or make the character with simple shapes such as triangles, squares, etc. As you saw on the title image I made my own guy that I created while doodling. I also used simple shapes for every part of his body.

Step 2: Step 2: Shade

As you probably noticed on my character, I used a triangle to shade in his shirt. This gives the object a more modern look to it. If you noticed in the vast updates of IOS, you can see that the already downloaded apps turned from a shaded, 3D looking icon, to a flat and less shaded icon. To use that kind of designing, your work will turn out looking better. Also, you want to keep the colors of the shape and the line the same color if you want to use the "modern style."

Step 3: Recreating Images

If you want to recreate an image, as shown above, you should first get a good look at it. Look at the shapes and colors of the image. If you were making the iPhone 6, or any iPhone, you might notice that the border of the phone has a gray color, so use gray for the border. If you want to use the "modern style" then you can manipulate the background, add shading, and try not to use a lot of colors.

Step 4: More Doodling!

This process repeats over and over again, but the Golden Rule of graphic design is to doodle. It helps you think of new things to add to past projects or come up with new styles. I hope you enjoyed this presentation. Thank you.

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